The Gratitude Project

Our office has so much to be grateful for, and throughout the month of November we will be sharing photos taken by members of our staff in celebration of Thanksgiving, and a season of gratitude. 

Arbor Day 2017

We had an opportunity to spring into summer through some community collaboration with Billings Parks and Recreation this Arbor Day. Our amazing staff worked their tails off to get Veteran's Park all spruced up. It was a full day of planting shrubs, mulching, digging, and in Susan and Penney's case, wall-building! 

Book Box

Our book box provides an opportunity for our customers to connect with the community by bringing in spare children's books to donate at local organizations.  Each time our book box fills up, we'll take it to an organization in need. 

As always, we appreciate the great partnership we have with our customers and our community, and look forward to seeing you soon!